Getting the money vs getting dream.

Actually, talking about money can never be stopped in an instant. Many things can be associated with money. Because whatever we do need the money. Go to the market, need the money. Go for a walk also need money. Almost everyone agrees that money is important.

Every person who works, they exchange energy with time and money. Teachers also exchange knowledge and time to get paid. Valet is also expecting money. Evidently when we do not give money, they will be angry. If the vehicle is damaged or lost, they also do not want to replace it. They had plenty of reasons given. The real reason is because they do not want to lose money.

For many people, have many opinions about the money. It all depends on their mindset or mindset. All that is formed based on the life they’ve passed. Many people think that money is the goal of all they want.

Opinion was not wrong. Everyone has a right to think the thought that their chosen path. Similarly, every person has the right to issue any opinion or keep his opinions on the head. Nothing is wrong.

It is my opinion of the past. That’s how I think. However, over time, I also gained mindset has begun to change. That money is important. But more important is the dream to be overtaken. Not money. Money is only as a tool for getting dream of every person. That’s my new mindset.


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