Plan A vs. Plan B

Many people plan something, but they are afraid to start. There are also people who do something that were planned, but they are fear of failure. So they do not realize it. There is also, people are preparing to execute his plan, but fear of failing, he made a backup plan, called plan B. A backup plan if the first plan or plan A is failed.

For myself, all the opinions and understanding, I appreciate it. However, I do not agree with it all. Everyone should have one plan to achieve any desired target in their life. Then, do the plan. Focus on the target. Focus and focus. It means is do not have to prepare a second plan or plan B. If you have the Plan B, it means devise a failure, not success.

The person preparing the plan B has a variety of reasons. They are afraid of something from the first plan. They are not sure of the original plan. They are unable to do so. From all these reasons, there is one real reason they hide. They are afraid to tell the truth. That is, they do not believe and are not confident about their ability to realize the real plan (plan A).

Many organizations, communities, institutions or individuals, prepare a backup plan or Plan B. And what happens is they are able to realize the plan B, not Plan A. That is, all they want is Plan B. If so, why not Plan B only became Plan A. Or, do not put labels A, B, C, D, E, … etc. Just one plan , and come up with always focus on the target.

History says, successful people never plan to fail. Edison, light bulb inventor, had only one plan. It is focus, focus, and focus on the target of the plan. He does not have Plan B. But, just plan A. In fact he never knew planning A, B, C, … etc. The more time, energy, and money which he sacrificed, he never felt a loss. He was always lucky. The advantage is finding a way to avoid many mistakes.

Edison is one example. However, there are very many successful people on the outside. They are only consistent plans he had made and always focus on the target. Any dream can be realized when we really target oriented. Insya Allah.


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