Be a hundred persen crazy!

Since I have joined a group that discuss about enhancing TOEFL score, I got one quote from myself. It’s “be a hundred persen, do not be a half”. It’s the quote that I always rembember and it’s is so important to apply in our live.

TOEFL program

I relize that I sometime do something not completely. For example when I gonna attain my target, I did it in a half heart, not full heart. I just try to get, and it must happen now, right now. However, when I see something interested on me, I leave it and I move other focuses. When I aware, I remember that is not a good habit. It’s an hesitate man, I think. I gonna change it and keep in my mind that I have to be a hundred. A hundred persent smart in english, a hundred persen smart in other thing, too.

From now on, I’m focusing on english, especially in enhancing TOEFL score. Trading, I leave for a moment. I observe the market chart. I read news of it. But I do not trade for a moment. While I’m earning money as capital for forex, I learn english more and more. In my opinion, to prove that I am smart or not in English, is by getting high TOEFL. The score of 600 is the most I want.

I sometime think about my age. I’m, now, 27 years old. It’s such a good age for married, I think. My friends, at my age, have got married. It’s little bit interupted when I receive an invation wedding message from my friends. I hate that discussion. I always avoid that discussion. After I broke with my gf, long time ago, I look for other thing, other activities to focus a hundred persen. So, now, I just decide to focus on increasing TOEFL score. Forex, too. But, for this week, I leave it for a moment.

Fullheart is a good thing.


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