Culture at work

When I was a college student, I joint Executive Student Organisation. I and my friend made a lot of program. We undertook the program by discusing them each day before deadline. We met each day and evaluated the prosess. Spending more coffee for drinking and more meal for eating. The reason was only for meeting of evaluation.

If you are not fast, you are food

Now, it’s different. Culture how to work effectively is different from the past.

after I graduated from college, I worked as an employee. Besides that, I and my friends made a community which focused on Foreign Exchange. Here, my position is as an executive secretary until now. The first unbelieveable way to work was the program that we must run at that time. I and one friend who is the president of the community, made a forex training. we just discus what we have to do to succeed the training. It spent about 1 or 2 hours.

Then, we made an awesome brosure and posted it on social media. The deadline was only one week. On the day of training, we had many participant joint the training. And at a whole week, I and my friend, we didn’t meet each other. We just communicate by phone, email, and social media. It was success. No more time to waste and no more time to spend.

After the training finish, we make other training that was handle by college student. We taught them the culture how we work efdectively. They did it. And they succeeded. Only 2 persons. They met only one time to discusse. The rest of other days, we just communicated by phone, email, social media. On the trianing day, there were a lot of participant followed the training.

From my 2 story, you know the different, you know that hight information technology change the culture how I work. This is the fact, this is the reality that you can’t pretend deny the development of information technology or IT. The IT has impacted the culture how you work. The IT has preasure some employees who pretent not to care technology.

You don’t aware that day by day, IT development has changed culture how to work. And I believe that it will change many things, and even your religion, too.

According to B. Taylor in his book, Primitive Cilture, published in   1871,
said that culture is “that complex whole which includes
knowledge, belief, art, law, morals, custom, and any other
capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of

On the other hand, culture is influenceable thing by many aspects, too. Don’t believe me, just see around you. Your childrens, family, friends. Look at them. Their  knowledge, their belief, their art, their moral, their custom. Even Our goverment law. All of them are the impact of IT development. It could be better like my experience or worse.

IT has influenced you when you made decision at work, when you communicate, when you promote programs, when you handle promblem, too.  So, what you have to to do is, adapt with the speed access, IT. Use it at your work.

Thank you. 🙂


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