Academic Writing

Ini adalah tulisan belajar academic writing. Waktu itu saya ambilnya berdasarkan pertanyaan writing pada IELTS ketika belajar di group bahasa inggris. Disini, saya setuju bahwa komputer itu telah menggantikan peran guru.


When I was at senior high school, there were no computer, there. Just few people knew computer. For geting computer course, I must

learn at computer course and practice there, because I didn’t have computer. At that time, computer was something new at school. However, nowdays, the computer is used to being used at school. Even teachers often use it to present lessons. They make computer as a media of learning. That make teachers not as teachers who teach anymore. Their role become as facilitator to provide computer for their students as media of learning.

Moreover, the revolution extremely appears in college. Lecturers hardly teach to their students. They just give many task and ask students to use computer help to finish it. In the end of semester, students are tested by lecturers. This make the substantial of teachers’ role disappear.

Time by time, students are more closer to computer than teachers. This behaviour makes teachers’ role not become as a guide, as a friend of studying, as a real teachers who teach moral and attitude anymore. Teachers act as if a real teachers who give lesson. The fact, they enter classroom and bring a friend “computer” to teach their students. Finally, teachers’ role are replaced by computer.

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