The first time making recommendation letter

Today, I just wrote the recommendation letter to my friend. It’s the first time for me. I gazed the form more than 15 minutes before writing. I never do it before. I used to ask some body write it down for me, not I write for some body.

Recommendation letter

There are two copies of form which he gives to me. It helps me not to be upset. I just think, if I make typo, I can use another one. I start

writing after washing myface in rest room. Perhaps, you don’t believe that I write a recommendation letter for a person who want to enroll postgraduate, dude. Wow!!

Actually, because of my friend, I deffinetly write positve things. I write about his good characters; responsible, have a lot of idea, having high motivation, etc. Then, I put my position on the form as manager trainer. Hahahaha ….. 😀 I laugh in my heart after reading all. It makes my friends laugh when they read it.

By the way, there are a good point at that time when I write it. One of my friend was surprise knowing that I make recommendation letter to my friend. She asked me why I write it. My friend who asks me making it answer her. “Read the position of Rahmat”. She gets it. I said to them, “it’s what friend for”.

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