Homework hasn’t finished yet

Today, I got message from my friend, Tuti in Meulaboh. She checked my application form for scholarship of Australia Awards. I asked her for help because she had gotten this scholarship before.

Task reminder on wall of room

There are some thing that I have not completed yet. I have to check it again and again. However, I’m so thanks to Tuti πŸ™‚ Allah bless you, Tuti. She has edited my writing become better. But I have to find university which has my major, Curriculum Design. This is what I have not decided yet. She has no recommendation, either. I have to find it by myself. Besides that, I must choose the university that accept my IELTS score later.

By the way, talking about IELTS, I need more practice, I think. Until the second day of my IELTS CLUB commit, I got bent 5 for listening and 6 for reading section. How poor! 😦 Even if there is IELTS preparation training after I pass the selection, I need to study and focus on the test from now on. It’s because according Rusydi, if my score is like this, to get bend 8 (my target) needs 3 months of study. It’s his oppinion and I appreciate it. However, I have my faith in my heart. I believe I can anticipate his prediction. I can go over lap as Valentino Rossi, moto GP racer. πŸ™‚

From now on, to support my goal, I will force myself to write my blog in english. I hope that is not a bullshit. Even if I think that reader who doesn’t know english will not understand what I write.. hehehe πŸ™‚ Even in preparation of speaking test, I have to speak English with my friend in the club. We have decided to do it together wherever we meet even out of the club.

I always do dua after pray to Allah swt. I hope He will help me to get my dream as easy as possible. From filling application form, sending, selecting, entering college and studying there. Amin.


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