Cobalah mengerti, reminds me a lot

Momo Geisha | I love her tooth 🙂

Before you read this post, let us check it out of this lyric;

Aku tak kan pernah berhenti
Akan terus memahami
Masih terus berfikir
Bila harus memaksa
Atau berdarah untukmu
Apapun itu asalkan
Mencoba menerimaku
Dan kamu hanya perlu terima
Dan tak harus memahami
Dan tak harus berfikir
Hanya perlu mengerti
Aku bernafas untukmu
Jadi tetaplah di sini
Dan mulai menerimaku

Cobalah mengerti
S’mua ini mencari arti
Selamanya tak kan berhenti
Inginkan rasakan
Rindu ini menjadi satu
Biar waktu yang memisahkan

Cobalah Mengerti – Peterpan

I’m into this song if it’s sang by Geisha. This lyric makes a person who is falling in love misses someone. It’s an appropriate song to keep relationship that they have started. However, it’s different from me.

For me, it’s realy realy so melancolist song. It’s not a happy song which is delivered by the lyric. I remember a lot of things that I had passed. A lot of memories that I want to erase them from my head. It’s so contrast.

It’s belive because of music, not because of Iyric, I think. Actuall, the music makes me to focus on it, not to the lyric. I think, peterpan must change the music to senergy with the lyric. The lyric contents a happiness. It had better compose with a happiness music, too.

Oyeah, the funny thing is, I have ever used this song for my calling ring tone. When Acut, my friend, heard it, she said, “it’s so melancolist”. And I just smiled at her. Hahahaha 🙂 Perharps, because of what she said I’m thinking of writing this post. Hahaha 🙂


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