Why my mom ask that question?

Yesteday, my mom visit me. Like usually, she never informs before visiting. I was at campus of mysister became her pastien on dental care treatment. Suddenly, my mom texted me to inform that she was at home. After finishing treatment, I and my sister went home. I didn’t have more time to spend with my mom at home. I just put my sister off at home and I went out to attend opening ceremony of my friend’s cafe. Then, I attended my friend’s wedding.

A women prays

The point is not at the first paragraph.. hahaha 🙂 At night, after magrib, my mom entered my room and gave a shock question to me. I can’t emagine she asked that ‘crazy’ question. Before she asked that, she took my tablet and saw some picture there. I’m wondering what she did 🙂 she just saw my activities picture, my friends etc. Then, she asked that question which made me shock.

“When will you get married? ”

Oo.. God. It made me shock. Only my dady used to ask that question and often avoid to answer and interrupt with other topic. But now, my mom asks it. Really make me crazy.

I didn’t know how to answer it. I just kept silent… haha 🙂 hush!!
It was really bad. Haha 🙂 then I asked my mom why she asked that question. My mom answered,

“So, don’t you have planing to get married? ” oo…my God!! She cornered me. Then she continued,

“I’m wondering wheter you have your own choosen” I was still in silent.
“I have my friend. She has a daughter graduated from Physcology of Syiah Kuala University. She never has special relationship with other people because hermom forbiden it. Now, she is planing to take master degree in Medan. She just study and focus on it without thingking other things like ‘pacaran’. She is a good girl”

Ooh… tuhan… peu lom nyoe. I just keep silent and still in silent without any words. Then, I said to my mom.”I don’t know”.

“So, when? I’m getting older now”.

Ya allah… To stop that topic, I said,

“Mom, I’m still focusing on studying and taking master degree. I hope I can get scholarship”

Now, my mom kept silent. Hahaha 🙂
Then, I made other topic about my brother, my dad, village and other funny things. Haha 🙂

However, I have my own criteria of my wife. Simply, my wife must be as what prophet said of 4 criterias and plus she must be usually in performing Dhua as a daily activities. If I get her, I’m brave in strugling to marry her even if her mahar is higher or perharps, I have to memorize all of surat in Al-quran for 30 Juz.

In Kitab of Iyyannah has been written that it looks like to seek a white crow. It’s rare. I just plan of my life..and let Allah arrange all. Amin. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Why my mom ask that question?”

  1. hahaha….. itulah…
    not up to laugh a.k.a. han ek ta khem… wkwkwkw 🙂

    finally, FORGIVE AND FORGET ja lah… hehe 🙂
    the important thing is do not againt our parents. The source of accepting dua… 🙂

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