Like mom, like son

My favorite drink, coconut water.

I sometime aware that I’m most like my mom than my dad. It appears most when I appreciate food. My mom, so. For example, when I buy some food such as snack or cake to my friends and my friends do not eat them, I’ll not buy them anymore. ANYMORE. Like my mom, if she buys something and bring it home, children must eat it. If we never appreciate it, she doesn’t want to buy it anymore. Even, she will be angry at us.

Some of my friends know about that. So, if I buy something to them they will appreciate it, they will eat it. They know if they do not eat it, I don’t want to buy it anymore. However, I often test my new friends. Yeah. It’s a test. Actually, it’s not a test but I just try it. Hajaja 🙂 If I just meet him or her for the first time, I will test it. I will buy some food, and I see how she or he appreciates food.

My friends who knows me, they will understand. They are not shy to ask me for buying some food or somerhing to them. For me, it’s oke. Instead of I buy something to them but they don’t like it. They don’t want to eat it. It’s like some kind of redicelous at me. I will remember it and never forget it. I don’t want to give do it anymore.

After I think again, it reminds me about what my mom does at home, as well. Every guest who comes to our home, my mom is so glad to serve food, drink and everything. She hopes that guest will eat it. If guest eat it all, my mom will give them more. And so do I. I do the same thing. When people accept my kindness or whatever I do, whatever I give, and they appreciate it, I’ll do more.

Mie chalux, my favorite noodle.

Somehow, I’m greatfull of having this behaviour. Thanks to my gen. Thanks to mama. Thanks to Allah.

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