First impression by first sight

Before and after

Cavin Hugan, a model trainer of international, has ever said, “apperance ditermines first impresion”. It is also supported by research. I absolutely agree with it. Look at your view of this statement. Look at your environment. It happens there. The first time you meet your new friends, you’ll see his/her permormance because you can’t see attitude, behaviour. Of course, in a few minutes, you’ll judge people by their apperance.
However, you often find a quote such as “don’t judge book by the cover”. Everybody are agree with that. But in real life, we can’t avoid judging people by first impresion based on “the cover”. It needs more time to judge people not by “the cover”. You have to know more people, to know more their behaviour even to test them. Then, you may take conclusion based on your experiences along with them.

Sometime, it’s really hard to judge people. It’s because we are just human being. We just know each other on the surface, not more than that. The one who deserve to judge is Allah. He knows more us . He knows more our friends. Let’s say, she/he is bad. Perharps, for Allah, s/he is good, even better than us. Moreover, human being can change by time. Today, we just know someone as a person of something, but one day, we’ll find s/he is a person of other things.

Because of our first impresion is important in daily life, I wanna suggest you to notice your apperance. Do not be reluctant to pay attention on your clothes. Even, if you go out for a minute, not far from your home. You can’t sure that you will meet someone special, an important person for you or someone who often see you in good looking apperance. You will regret if they see you in not good performance.


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