Rules of life: Life is like a project

This is my life (source: google)

Life is not gambling. Life is not just alive. Life has purpose. If you just live in your life without purpose, it’s similar to animals. They live for eating and are slaughtered. Human being is not like that. You need to consider your purpose in your life.

Let’s emagine, life is a like a project. Before you start the project, you must ensure that goals have to be clear and detail of vision. Determine steps how to attain all vision and goal in detail. The project must be clear. You can’t attain it all in vague steps and strategies.

Now, are you ready to know the stategies? If you are ready, I will provide some that I do ever. Before that, you must assume that life is life a project. Well, let’s move.

These is a list what you should do. Do these in order based on the number:

#1. Vision must be clear.

Vision (source: google)

What kind of life you want to be. What kind of happy life you want to be. If you do not know how to determine it, perharp, you may find a model that suitable and you are into him/her. It could be your parents, your grand father/ grand mother, your favorite writer, public figure or even your favorite singer. However, it had better become yourself. Your model is just an example of what you want to be. Consider about how social life you want to be, how spritual life you want more, what personal life you want to be.

#2. Write a list of 100 dreams.

List of dream (source: google)

Write down on a book or paper. DO NOT TYPE. You must write them down by pen. At least 100 dreams. Must be 100. All dream must be detail more than vision. For example:
1. Perform pilgrimage and umrah in Mekkah
2. Climbing Himalaya mountaint.
3. Having Malay restaurant.
4. Writing best seller books.
5. Become a donator for social organization of …bla..bla..
6. Study abroad by scholarship program.
7. Enjoying a honeymoon with my wife two weeks in a year.
100. ..

#3. Do everything which relate to your 100 dreams.

Ilustration (source: google)

Every activities you do in your life must be related to your list. If it’s not related to you list, do not do it. Because you will waste your time in getting something that is not what you want. Even if your environment even your friends influence you to do something, you should consider whether it supports your drems or not. If the activities related to your dream, do it until finish.

#4. Read and check your list often.

Cheklist your dreams (source: google)

This will help you to keep you always on a track. Just follow the track. It remind you again about you list. Even, you will surprise becase one by of your dream has happened in your life. Check it. You will believe more that all your dream always come true.

#5. Pray to Allah.

Woman praying (source: google)

Because everything is come from Allah swt, because everything happen depends on Allah, you have to pray always to Allah swt. Beg Him to realist your dream. The power of Allah is more than human. If Allah swt never allow to get what you want, you just ear a bullet. Nothing you get.
So, believe me. Allah swt is the owner of the universe, why don’t you approche the owner.

6. Be possitive feeling.

Ilustration (source: google)

I don’t wanna ask you be positive thingking. Positive feeling is more powerful than positive thingking. Feel that your dream is happening now. Feel it, enjoy that feeling. Feel that Allah swt has realist your dream. Then, be thankfull to Allah swt because you get it all. You feel that.

#7. Don’t care the result, let’s celebrate.

Let's celebrate (source: google)

Do the prosses in getting your dream. Enjoying running the prossess. Follow the prossess even get force and work hard as hard as you can do. After you have done the prosess, celebrate it. Don’t predict the result. Let Allah swt determine the result. The important thing is you have done the prossess in maxmal performance.

Remember, Allah swt has ever said, “I’m like what you assume / believe”. It means that if you believe Allah swt able to realist your dream, so Allah swt will realist that all. Amin.

This all steps is what I’m doing in my life. Some of my dreams has happened in my life. I do believe it. Do the points and look who you are in 5 years later. šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Rules of life: Life is like a project”

  1. I like this. I personally feel at certain point of time, life is getting monotonous and I have no idea of what to do. Maybe just wandering around to get rid of my boredom and it turn out that this doesnt meet my needs. All of a sudden it speaks to me that i desperately need change. I want a better picture of life. I want to do something great. Thus i start designing my life which is called life project which get my life vision clearer. I am grateful for such a change that eventually lead me to live my life to the fullest.

    Your post is inspiring ! šŸ™‚

    If you have chance, feel free to stop by too. Thanks šŸ™‚

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