First post for english writing

My book for developing my writing skill

Honestly, I have decided this and write about my intention to write more post in english. You can search again about it from previous post. But, I think, it will be look so crowded here in my blog. It is because I fond idea after having IELTS class today.
Ms. Erida said that I have to develope my skill in writing. She asked me to imitate structure style from experts, especially from jounal, article or other academic writing. I have to read more and often practice. I’m strong believe this is a challenge for me.

Based on her experience, she found herself in improving day by day. Her counsin also tried her strategies in improving writing skill. It’s work. Thus, I’m interested in trying this. It’s a challenge for me and I decide to make this project. At least, I have to write one post anything in english each day.

What I worried about this blog which will looks so crowded because of having mix posts, english and bahasa indonesia, it has been solved. I will make one chategory for english post. I name it “english writing”.

Beside that, to increase more knowledge and to make myself usuall in english style, I must read a lot of english article. I have to pay attention on their style of writing. Of course to get more knowledge and increase my vocabulary.

This is more challenging for me. I’m gonna do it. I have my own world, I have my own dreams and I do what I should to get them all in mylife.


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