Not what I supposed

One of student is giving a presentation in front of examiners

A few days ago, I joint the seminar of title for thesis of Syiah Kuala University at Pasca Program. Honestley, it was not what I planned before to attend the program. It’s because of my lecture was an examiner after lecturing my class. So, in the same room, I and some of my friends didn’t wanna go home and attend the program. So did I. I just wanna know how the seminar is.
Before a student gave presentation, she and her friends shared some food and snack to audience. Giving water, peanut, cake, biscuit, and so on. Having share the food, the student began making presentation about her title proposal. This kind of situation which I never find in my previous college, IAIN Ar-Raniry. When I was there, students must register for proposal seminar first, and in the date what adminiatration have determine, the students must follow the seminar. The seminar began with many student who had registered it. But, we never shared food for eximiner and audience. We just preapare food when the examination of thesis held (sidang munakashah).

By the way, There was a such weird thing I got. It was the titile of thesis. It looked like an under graduate student’s title. I made a frown to my friend, and said, “is it the title?”. I was surprised because the title that she presented was such “using jingsaw technic in reading comprehension bla..bla..bla”. To my mind, it was suitable for undergraduate students, not for graduate student who wanna take master. This was a such title that make me wonder about a quality of alumnus. How qualified they are. Even I felt a little regret in joining this kind of institution.

However, my experience could not be an enough data or evidence to judge something. It’s still need more other research to judge the quality of alumnus.


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