Any Guarantee of no violance at school?

One of situation in a class of teachers

Yesterday, I went to Nova’s house. I needed her help to finish my assigment from college. We talked more about anything. One of other topics was about children at school. This was the topic that I was realy interested in because she said that her sons had ever gottent violence at her school. Her son was slaped by his teacher.
I was shock at that time. How come it happened in this era and also has such violance that looks like be allowed by institution. Can you imagine? You never slap you children, but at school that you trust a lot, they get slap from their teachers. Meanwhile, goverment is undertaking a campage of struggling the violance, especially at children. It’s so contrast to the reality now.

I asked Nova whether she complained or not. She had complained about it, but the shcool doesn’t response well and without giving appologize. I also asked her as a teacher at SD N1 Lhokseumawe about this such violance. She said that even if goverment do many program about children right, but it doesn’t work. She often see the real reality at school.

At school, hitting, slaping, scronful and other violance are happening now. You trust your children to their teachers, but you never know what is happening when you are at your office, when your are at your home, and when you are not at the school. This kind of violance makes people think and decide to register their children at private school and not at goverment school anymore. To my mind, I can’t imagine what gonna happend later after 10 years from now. Any parent will believe at goverment school? I’m doubt.

This kind of problem is the same as corruption. Goverment do a lot of program in eradicating corruption. But, the corruption is still increase over and over.

This is Indonesia.


6 thoughts on “Any Guarantee of no violance at school?”

  1. have she asked to the teacher about the cause od the slapping case ?
    why it could be happen ?
    and was it really happen ? it should be confirm again i think until the problem really clear
    because im a teacher as well and sometime i found my student said that he was hit/slap or else but the truth is it was never really happen…

    1. it was because her son was late submitting a task which had been allowed by his teacher before. His teacher had allowed him to submit it. It was such a simple problem that make his teacher slap him ….

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