Last Night at Yayasan Rumah Yatim

Pinjem dari

Last night, Actually, I don’t have schedule for teaching at Yayasan Rumah Yatim. I think that I have the class there, so I came there and perform magrib prayer there.

Having magrib prayer together with one of orphan, I felt something different. I saw around the room. There were a lot package which were wraped by plastic bag. On verandah, there were two men, I shaked their hand and I came to see Jejen at front office. I really don’t know what is happening here until Jejen told to me.

I said hello to Jejen and he smiled at me. I felt something wrong when I looked at his eyes. I asked him what happen and wether my class not today. He said that I was right and he said to me that he was so sad. He told me that he, abiyana and his wife and also ummi kokom would be moved to Bandung again. They must depart today. I didn’t believe him at that time until he told me seriously and said that one of the guy I shaked my hand would be replaced Abiyana.

A lot of things we have passed together. I always remember when I teach them. It’s like teaching at ‘ibu-ibu PKK and ‘pak kepala lorong’. There are always a lot of children passed me. They ran, cried and sometime disturb each other and cried. Can you imagin you teach in this condition. Hehehe 🙂

However, I love them. They gave a very good service to me. Almost every meeting I got ‘kuah si kameng and nasi kotak’ hehehe 🙂 and also every meeting, ummi kokom always put cake, donuts, or biscuit and water in front of me. If I arrived early, we prayed magrib together with orphan in the living room.

I hope that, one day I will meet them again. Amin.

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