Life Game: Like In Traffic Jam

Driving me crazy
Driving me crazy

Everything will stop when we stop it. That’s what is happen now. No reason why but I believe that the time can be blame, I think.

Crazy, of course. To make it more understand, I would like to give an example of the simplest similarity of that. Imagine the crowd traffic jam. You are in the middle of the traffic. Many cars are surround you. If you force yourself to kick the pedal, it will hit other cars. How to move from the situation is the hardest decision to make.

As well as life. For every decision you make, you’ll hurt others. In other hand, there is no easy way make it easy. However, I have to make decision. Can I make it easy?

What I believe and ┬ádo always,is family must be in consideration, too. You can’t just become an egoist decision make without considering your family who always supports you.

Now, tonight, I have to take the decision. Whatever happens, just deal with it. I just ask for Allah to guide in making a good decision for me, family and my future. Now, I realize that I can’t be stuck here like a statue without power and braveness to make action.

Thanks a lot for my family. You are the best, especially my mom, my motivator.


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