Should I need Whatssap, Tellegram, Line, and BBM application?

Various apps on smartphone.

I have no idea why I must use these social medias. Surround me, my friends and some other clubs that I join, most of them use these application. However, I’m still in my principle “What for I use those all if I can still communicate by phone number and texting via Short Message Service. Am I a classical person? Hehe 😀

About 1 or 2 years ago, I had BBM. But, now I have deleted. Instagram, yes, I have it but I seldom post on it. And one more, I also have twitter, but still seldom text on it. Hehe 😀 I am more than enough by having facebook and blog as the medias I use for personal brading (if you don’t mind to say it 😀 ).

Why I use  facebook and blog?

Facebook, I use it because I need to have many information from some group that are related to my job. I’m a forex trader and many discussion and information that people share on facebook. In the facebook group, it is managebale, and tidy for every document in it. To find out more is easy. Beside that, facebook can be like an “opened media”. Everyone can see and read everything you share. It’s a good place to expose something to public.

And how about blog? This is what I love most. This is a place I express my idea, my inspiration and everythig I have in my head. I have ever been asked why do I love writing on blog. Actually, what I and everyone wants and really really prefers is when our ideas are accepted by people, communities, friends, family and clubs that you join. So, why dont you write your thoungh, idea, and opinion on your own blog. Everyone in the world will read it, even if your people in your organization dont want to accept. So, why not? You deserve to appreciate your own idea and thought.

Well, now, talking about social media. Up to now, I have no reason in using others. One day, perharps, If I have a good reason to use them, I wil. For example, because of selling something online, promote product and other things. But now, not.


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