ITC English Club: Vision of Indonesia in 2222

Taking picture after discussion.
Taking picture after discussion.

Every Thursday, we have an english club activity. The activity that is always waited for eveyone at ITC English. This week, our topic is “Vision of Indonesia in 2222.”

Various ideas was given by members. Their imagination run well. Here, there are some ideas was given by our members related to the topic. Check it out!

Some of them believe that Indonesia will become a developed country. Having high technologies to work and many factories use it to produce products. Other member predicted that in the next digital era, we’ll see or get invention of the highest technologies in transportation. Perhaps, teleportation will be exist on the future. One of members said that government system will be like today but the proses will be different. For instance, in election, we will use a digital or online election. May be, we will name it as “e-election”. So, every people doesn’t need to go out from their office for election. Just click one button on application for voting in election.

However, one member was so pessimist about Indonesia. He said that Indonesia in 2222 will be like America nowadays. Having a good democratic government system and economic development will be like America, too. It is because he compared how far America and Indonesia developed today. He got conclusion by comparing the both countries development.

In the discussion, there was some one who became a different view of Indonesia. He said that every thing will be possible happen in this country in 2222. Every generation, there is no guarantee that it will be having a high developed or decrease. He explained what had happened long time ago in ancient erea, some eras were developed well, but some got decrease regularly. By having one invention, it will probably decrease our civilization or increase. No body knows.

BTW, after discussion, we also played a game. “Big Buddy” was the game we played this week. If you want to practice your English, just come and join us. Free of charge. The program is every Thursday at 4.30 PM at International Tourism College, Simpang Jambo Tape, Banda Aceh. Next topic is “Life without internet”. See you next week.

Pingin bisa ngomong bahasa inggris lancar dan benar? Belajar dari NOL? Hanya dalam waktu 36 hari, anda langsung bisa bicara bahasa inggris. KLIK DISINI.


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