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While waiting for accepting

My module of IELTS

Talking scholarship is never ending. The ending is when you get a happy ending. Hehehe 🙂 Just now, I get a new information again that Fullbright has been opened again. Besides that, a few days ago, I get othe information also about Aminef program such as one of my friend join. It’s like a short course program which is offered for applicants who want to take not linear program of their background.

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Any Guarantee of no violance at school?

One of situation in a class of teachers

Yesterday, I went to Nova’s house. I needed her help to finish my assigment from college. We talked more about anything. One of other topics was about children at school. This was the topic that I was realy interested in because she said that her sons had ever gottent violence at her school. Her son was slaped by his teacher.
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Not what I supposed

One of student is giving a presentation in front of examiners

A few days ago, I joint the seminar of title for thesis of Syiah Kuala University at Pasca Program. Honestley, it was not what I planned before to attend the program. It’s because of my lecture was an examiner after lecturing my class. So, in the same room, I and some of my friends didn’t wanna go home and attend the program. So did I. I just wanna know how the seminar is.
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